The Misconception

Matthew 28 Many times, in life we feel played by the people or institutions that we transact with. Part of the reason is that you feel that you paid for better services than you got. Or they lied to you because what they “promised” is not what you got, and you are entitled to what […]

Online Envy

Proverbs 23:17-18, John 6:25-29, Exodus 20:17 In today’s culture where everyone is keen on showing only their best, social media and apps fuel this by amplifying glamour, it’s easy to find oneself envious of other. I have heard personal confessions of people who got depressed just by scrolling down their timelines checking out recent uploads as […]

From Disorder to Order

Standing by the shore of a lake or sea and looking over the horizon to the seemingly endless body of water is a good placement of order in disorder. As the waves move about at the mercy of the wind and the moon, it seems from the surface a massive motion of disorder, but beyond […]

Dreamer’s Club

I have said before how I envied Joseph the earthly father of Jesus, not because He was perhaps the greatest dad ever by virtue of being called daddy by God (wait what!), I will never get that, but by virtue of how God spoke to Him. Of all the times recorded in the Bible, God […]

Doubter’s Diary

Here is an excerpt borrowed from Philip Yancey’s Daily Inspirations from a fellow Pilgrim: I must exercise faith simply to believe that God exists, a basic requirement for any relationship. And yet when I wish to explore how faith works, I usually sneak in by the back door of doubt, for I best learn about […]

Alcoholic Teachers

Alcoholics Anonymous meets needs in a way that the local church does not – or at least did not for my friend. I asked him to name the one quality missing in the local church that AA had somehow provided. He stared at his coffee for a long time and them said softly this one […]

Ballard Of The Godly Fere

Ha’ we lost the goodliest fere 0′ all For the priests and the gallows tree? Aye lover he was of brawny men, 0′ ships an the open sea.   When they came wi’ a host to take Our Man His smile was good to see, “First let these go quoth our Goodly Fere, “Or I’ll […]