Of Aliens

Last night I chanced upon a documentary on aliens and UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) which I found intriguing as they explored eye witness accounts of UFO sightings from places where the most sightings had been recorded and reviewed amateur videos of alleged aliens and UFOs. It was interesting to note that there are communities formed […]

On Transit

If you have traveled and had to connect flights whether for a few or long hours, you might have noticed that anyone on transit has two things in common; first, they don’t have much luggage. Most have one or utmost two small hand carry bags. Strict airline weight and size limitations ensure passengers don’t carry […]

Intimacy With God

I have often mused at the near accuracy of some earthly relationships with the kind of relationship God desires with us. If anyone has had a parent, is better yet a parent themselves, or has had an intimate relationship like marriage, it shouldn’t be difficult to imagine God’s desired model of a relationship with Him. […]

The Christian and Pain

My son has a habit of throwing things off the balcony of our apartment; ranging from his toys to his shoes; I think he gets a thrill from watching things drop all the way down and even more, their sounding protest as they hit the ground below, or maybe he derives happiness from giving them […]

Children Of God

Matthew 18:1-4                                                A pediatrician once told us that children are more vulnerable when they are sick so they need a lot of comfort and assurance. Recently my 3 and a half year old son Kian caught a cold which made his sleep uncomfortable; the blocked nose and dry throat would make him cough during the […]

The Misconception

Matthew 28 Many times, in life we feel played by the people or institutions that we transact with. Part of the reason is that you feel that you paid for better services than you got. Or they lied to you because what they “promised” is not what you got, and you are entitled to what […]

Online Envy

Proverbs 23:17-18, John 6:25-29, Exodus 20:17 In today’s culture where everyone is keen on showing only their best, social media and apps fuel this by amplifying glamour, it’s easy to find oneself envious of other. I have heard personal confessions of people who got depressed just by scrolling down their timelines checking out recent uploads as […]